2012-13 COTE Awards

On 24 April 2013, COTE announced its 2012-2013 COTE award recipients.

The awards fall into three main categories:

COTE Exemplar Awards recognize individuals or groups with significant accomplishments promoting the sustainable use of natural resources or the protection of ecological systems.

Individuals who have a record of continual significant achievements are further recognized by the awarding of a "COTE Exemplar Lifetime Achievement Award".

COTE Green Initiative Awards recognize everyday activities, decisions or contributions that help to move Ball State University toward sustainability.  Their purpose is to reward discrete contributions rather than a history of multiple accomplishments.

COTE Service Awards recognize past individual service on or to the BSU Council on the Environment.


COTE Award Recipients 2013

COTE Exemplar Award

Janet Fick, Applied Technology

Janet was awarded an Exemplar Award for her consistent, significant accomplishments in promoting the sustainable use of natural resources through exemplary leadership in teaching, professional work as an architect, and service to BSU and our local community. 


COTE Green Initiative Awards

Dr. Suchismita Bhattacharjee, Applied Technology

Dr. Bhattacharjee was awarded a Green Initiatives Award for her exemplary efforts to infuse sustainability into her research, publications, presentations and grant activity. She has produced numerous publications; has been an active grant writer.

Dr. David Hua, Department of Technology

Dr. Hua was awarded a Green Initiatives Award for his investigation of the connection between sustainability and behavior; he has developed an assessment tool to measure an individual’s attitudes towards sustainable behaviors related to consumer electronics (The Consumer Electronics Sustainability Attitudes Index)

The Ball State 2013 Solar Decathlon Team

The Team was awarded a Green Initiatives Award for their exemplary efforts to engage BSU Students in the Department of Energy’s 2013 Solar Decathlon in cooperation with teams from the University of Kentucky and the University of Louisville.

Dr. Jinhee Nam and Jo Dean Tipton (student)

Dr. Nam and Jo Dean Tipton were awarded a Green Initiatives Award for their exemplary efforts to infuse reused and repurposed clothing into fashion design.


COTE Service Award

Ted Wolner, College of Architecture and Planning

In recognition of his commitment to the stewardship of our natural resources, the protection of ecological systems and the public’s understanding of the complex issues that bear upon our stewardship of natural resources, as demonstrated by his service on the BSU Council on the Environment from 2009 to 2012.