Sustainability Tracking, Assessment & Rating System

The Sustainability Tracking, Assessment & Rating System (STARS) is a transparent, self-reporting framework for colleges and universities to gauge relative progress toward sustainability. STARS was developed by AASHE with broad participation from the higher education community.

STARS is designed to:

  • Provide a framework for understanding sustainability in all sectors of higher education.
  • Enable meaningful comparisons over time and across institutions using a common set of measurements developed with broad participation from the campus sustainability community.
  • Create incentives for continual improvement toward sustainability.
  • Facilitate information sharing about higher education sustainability practices and performance.
  • Build a stronger, more diverse campus sustainability community.

The STARS framework is intended to engage and recognize the full spectrum of colleges and universities in the United States and Canada – from community colleges to research universities, and from institutions just starting their sustainability programs to long-time campus sustainability leaders. STARS encompasses long-term sustainability goals for already high-achieving institutions as well as entry points of recognition for institutions that are taking first steps toward sustainability.

The current version of STARS is STARS Version 2.0

Ball State University's STARS 2.0 filing is currently in the process of submission and review.  Check back here soon for information regarding our resulting STARS 2.0 rating.

In compliance with the filing of our STARS 2.0 report, we have linked the following supplemental PDF documents below:

Ball State filed under STARS Version 1.2 on September 28, 2012 and received a Gold Rating.

Click here to view the STARS 1.2 report. 

STARS 1.0, which launched in, 2010, was the first version of STARS in which participants could earn a rating.  

The Ball State University initial STARS Version 1.0 report was filed on August 2, 2011, and received a Silver Rating. Click here to view the initial STARS 1.0 report.