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WISER+ Courses

The University Core Curriculum (UCC) is a required component of all undergraduate degrees. The spirit of the UCC emerges from the kinds of intellectual attitudes the University strives to develop in students. The central purpose of the UCC is to enable students to live rich, satisfying lives and to undertake the broad responsibilities of citizenship in a free society.

In addition to the UCC classes, all students must complete WISER+ courses, which ask students to engage in issues related to:




   International Awareness


   Service and Civic Engagement


   Environmental Awareness and Sustainability


   Respect for Human Liberty and Diversity among Peoples and Cultures



   American Institutions and/or History


   Technological Literacy

Courses with WISER+ designations may also be used to satisfy UCC and/or major requirements.
The purpose of WISER+ is to integrate 21st Century skills into all our curricula.

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