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Quoted: Dolak, Godish, Gray and more. . .

Quoted: Dolak, Godish, Gray and more. . .  (10/18/2007)
Fritz Dolak, manager of the Copyright and Intellectual Property Office

On Oct. 4, Dolak was interviewed for The Morning News on WIBC-AM Radio. He was approached for comments regarding the first file sharing trial that went to jury.

The show reviewed a recent case in which the defendant was ordered to pay statutory damages in the amount of $222,500 for sharing 24 illegal files. Dolak discussed copyright law, how to obtain copyright, how illegal files are discovered and the Home Recording Act of 1992.

Thad Godish, professor of natural resources and environmental management

Godish was quoted in an Oct. 3 Associated Press article about a $2.5 million grant presented to Ball State from the federal government for emergency public communication personnel training.

Ball State will use the grant money to create a DVD that will be given to nearly 3,000 911 dispatch centers.

Godish acknowledged the importance of emergency communication training.

"If you've got a truck going down the highway and it spills ammonia all over the road, or a magnesium fire at a plant, how best do you let the public know what to do and whether to evacuate?" he said. "It's a tough chore for those responders."

Tim Gray, associate professor of architecture

Gray was quoted in the Sept. 19 issue of Nuvo magazine about his work in Indiana.

Gray is spreading the influence of his California experience across the Midwest. He is hoping to help Hoosiers identify their experience of everyday structures as part of their identity.

"There's a lot of real beauty to the landscape," Gray said. "The sun setting over a cornfield, the rhythms of the agrarian landscape as it changes from season to season — these are all genuine. I seek to celebrate what's unique about this place."

Park Hall

Park Hall was featured in an Oct. 4 article in The Indianapolis Star about CSO Architects, an Indianapolis architecture firm, and their design of Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certified buildings.

During the past few years, CSO has focused on training professionals to design according to LEED standards.

Ball State is pursing LEED certification on the David Letterman Communication and Media Building and the CSO designed Park Hall. Future buildings at Ball State will also be built to LEED standards.

Barry Umansky, Edmund F. and Virginia B. Ball professor of telecommunications

Umansky was quoted in an Oct. 1 article in the Indianapolis Business Journal about a civil lawsuit being brought against Radio One.

Denise Redding, Radio One Indiana's former controller, alleges the local general manager, Chuck Williams, may have committed payola violations and actionable fraud. Payola usually refers to a practice of radio stations taking money, merchandise, tips or other favors in exchange for promoting a product on air.

"There's an obligation for stations to be truth tellers," Umansky said. "People should know who is trying to persuade them. It's a long-standing principle of the Federal Communications Commission, so if this is proven, it's very serious."

Warren Watson, director of the Journalism Institute for Digital Education, Activities, and Scholarship (J-Ideas)

Watson shared personal insights on the First Amendment in a Sept. 30 column in The Indianapolis Star.

Watson wrote about the importance of respecting the right to free speech even if one does not agree with the content of the speech.

"Our First Amendment was developed to protect the airing of unorthodox views, unpopular ideas and dissent," he said. "James Madison and company were convinced our new nation — born of radicalism itself — could tolerate diversity and unpopular opinions."