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Arts, Crafts and Music

Dancing With A Brush:  Repairing Problems in Watercolor
Friday, February 20; 10 a.m.—2 p.m.
Instructor: Ann Johnson
Cost: $75, includes lunch  

“Everyone starts a painting with great expectations. Then, as the paint slowly dries, it loses its luster and we lose our confidence.  Often we hurriedly brush over spots and suddenly the great painting we envisioned has nothing to do with our original vision. Take heart, for the situation is a common one and simple problems have simple solutions,” says Ann Johnson, formerly of FB Fogg. Class is designed for the beginning and advanced painter and will address mistakes made in watercolor and identify ways to correct them. Course will include a  step-by-step painting and a look at previous work. A suggested supply list will be provided. Limited to 16 participants.

Dancing With A Brush:  Landscape in Perspective
Friday, April 17; 10 a.m.—2 p.m.
Instructor: Ann Johnson
Cost: $75, includes lunch  

Clever use of design elements such as size, position, overlap, texture, value, aerial and linear perspective, and color  temperature are all concepts Ann Johnson will address as students learn how to create the illusion of depth in landscape paintings. A suggested supply list will be provided.  Limited to 16 participants. 

Organizing Your Memories
Friday, April 10; 10 a.m.—12 noon
Instructor: Marsha Kibbey
No Charge – Reservations Required

 Learn tips and tricks for organizing your photographs for family albums. This is not a scrapbooking class; it is a hands-on opportunity for you to organize your pictures. Bring an assortment of pictures that you need to organize along with a pair of scissors. Marsha will show you sample albums to give you ideas on what to purchase once you are organized. Limited to 12 participants.