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Three Tuesdays, September 1, 8, 15;  10 - 11 a.m.
No Charge – Reservations Required
Instructor: Mr. Jack Carmichael, former Governmental Affairs Coordinator at Ball Corporation

Mr. Carmichael has worked 70 years on his own genealogy, tracing his roots as far back as Charlemagne. He will share his expertise in researching family history, such as locating, examining, and organizing records. Computer research is not included. Limited to 15 participants.

Friday, November 13, 10 - 11:15 a.m.
No Charge – Reservations Required
Facilitator: Mr. William Robertson, retired senior scientist at Westinghouse Electric Corporation, Pennsylvania

This one-hour DVD program  produced by NOVA sheds fascinating light on how math works in our brains and ponders the ultimate mystery of why it works so well when decoding the universe.  Astrophysicist and writer Mario Livio, along with a cast of mathematicians, physicists, and engineers, follow math from Pythagoras to Einstein and beyond, all leading to the ultimate riddle: Is math an invention or a discovery? Humankind’s clever trick, or the language of the universe?  

Wednesdays, September 9 - October 14,  10 - 11:15 a.m.
No Charge – Reservations Required
Facilitator: Mr. Richard Kennison, Lt. Col. (Ret.—USAF)

Produced by The Teaching Company, this twelve-lecture DVD series provides the background, the essentials of Hitler’s climb to power, and an overview of his reign as leader of the Third Reich.  The lectures feature Professor Thomas Childers, who is the Sheldon and Lucy Hackney Professor of History at the University of Pennsylvania, where he has been teaching for over 25 years. Childers is the author and editor of several books on modern German history and the Second World War. He is currently completing a trilogy on the Second World War.

 Two Topics Each Date:
 Sept. 9  The Third Reich, Hitler, and the 20th Century
 The First World War and Its Legacy  
 Sept. 16  The Weimar Republic & the Rise of the Nazi Party
 The Twenties and the Great Depression
 Sept. 23  The Nazi Breakthrough
 Hitler's Assumption of Power 
 Sept. 30  Racial Policy and the Totalitarian State
 Hitler's Foreign Policy 
 Oct. 7  Munich and the Triumph of National Socialism
 War in the West, War in the East
 Oct. 14  Holocaust—Hitler's War Against the Jews
 The Final Solution