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Previous Special Guests

Below are a few of the special guests that have featured at Magna cum Murder over the years, starting with the most recent. We also have a long list of talented authors from all over the United State and abroad who have attended Magna, some even regularly.

Guest of Honor - William Kent Krueger
International Guest of Honor - Simon Brett

Guest of Honor - John Gilstrap
International Guest of Honor - Robert Wilson

Guest of Honor - Steve Hamilton
Banquet Keynote Speaker - Hank Phillippi Ryan

Guest of Honor - SJ Rozan
Banquet Keynote Speaker - Eric G. Wilson

Guest of Honor - Parnell Hall
Banquet Keynote Speaker - Bob Brier

Guests of Honor - Charles & Caroline Todd
Banquet Keynote Speaker - J. Steven White

NO festival held
Kathryn Kennison, Fan Guest of Honor at Bouchercon, Indianapolis, IN

Guest of Honor - Louise Penny
Banquet Keynote Speaker - Sharon Randall

Guest of Honor - Lindsey Davis
Banquet Keynote Speaker - Charlotte Hayes

Guest of Honor - M.C. Beaton
One Festival, One Book Guest Speaker - Christina Jennings
Banquet Keynote Speaker - Kurt Muse

Guest of Honor - Harlan Coben
Forensic Guest of Honor - Shelly Reuben
Banquet Keynote Speaker - Thomas Lynch

Guest of Honor - Alexander McCall Smith
True Crime Guest of Honor - Don Hale
Banquet Keynote Speaker - Dr. Elliot Engel

Guest of Honor - Jeffery Deaver
International Guest of Honor - Peter Robinson

Guest of Honor - Michael Connelly
International Guest of Honor - Frances Fyfield
Forensic Guest of Honor - Shelly Rueben
Forensic Guest of Honor - Charles King

Guest of Honor - Val McDermid
Master of the Revels - Lev Raphael
Forensic Guest of Honor - Jim Ebert
Forensic Guest of Honor - Clark Davenport
Reader Guest of Honor - Phil Momberg

Mystery Masters Guest of Honor - Mickey Spillane (cancelled)
Guest of Honor - Carolyn G. Hart
Magna Luminary - Robert G. Greer
Mistress of the Revels - Barbara D'Amato
Reader Guest of Honor - Luci Zahray

Mystery Masters Guest of Honor - Mickey Spillane (cancelled)
Guest of Honor - Anne Perry
Magna Luminary - Tess Gerritson
Magna Luminary - John Gilstrap
Reader Guest of Honor - John Carlson

Mystery Masters Guest of Honor - Sue Grafton
Mistress of the Revels - Patricia Moyes
Master of the Revels - Laurence Shames
Magna Luminary - John Harvey
Magna Luminary - Dorothy Salisbury Davis
True Crime Luminary - Jerry Bledsoe

Guest of Honor - James Crumley
Mystery Masters Guest of Honor - Lawrence Block
Mistress of the Revels - Sarah Caudwell
Master of the Revels - HRF Keating
Magna Luminary - Patricia Moyes
Magna Luminary - Harlan Coben
Reader Guest of Honor - The Arsenic & Oolong Society

Guest of Honor - Sara Paretsky
Mystery Masters Guest of Honor - Peter Lovesey
Mistress of the Revels - Margaret Maron
Master of the Revels - Edward Marston
Magna Luminary - Ruth Dudley Edwards
Magna Luminary - Sharan Newman
Reader Guest of Honor - Bill Spurgeon

Guest of Honor - Mary Higgins Clark
Mystery Masters Guest of Honor - Donald Westlake
Mistress of the Revels - Dorothy Cannell
Master of the Revels - Parnell Hall
Magna Luminary - Jeff Abbott
Magna Luminary - Les Roberts
Reader Guest of Honor - Gary Warren Niebuhr

The Beginning: 1994
Guest of Honor - Ralph McInerny
Mystery Masters Award Winner - Michael Z. Lewin
Mistress of the Revels - Nancy Pickard
Master of the Revels/Fan Guest of Honor - Don Sandstrom
Magna Luminary - Sharyn McCrumb
Magna Luminary - Joan Hess
Reader Guest of Honor - Don Sandstrom    

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