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Eric Jones

Eric Jones, senior vice president and founder of Channel One 2.0, has experience in building and running a wide range of media companies, broadcast channels, syndicated and documentary television programs, home video businesses, and digital educational products and services, both in the United States and abroad.

Channel One, a network Jones originally designed and ran, delivers a daily program produced in partnership with NBC News that serves 6 million students in more than 250,000 classrooms in 8,000 middle and high schools. Today, Jones is responsible for the company’s ongoing development through new corporate, government, and educational ventures.

Prior to rejoining Channel One, Jones served as executive vice president of Pearson in London, where he created new businesses in all three of the company’s divisions: Pearson Education, Penguin Publishing, and The Financial Times. He served as executive vice president of the Penguin Television Group Ltd. and Pearson Broadband Ltd. He was also responsible for heading the group’s worldwide television production, sales, and distribution.

For many years, Jones ran his own company, Screen Media Partners, which worked on the creation of a unique public-private partnership dedicated to designing a curriculum-based, in-school media system.

Jones received his bachelor of arts in theatre education from Rowan University.