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Michael Adamson

Michael Adamson, vice president of sports new products and services at Turner Sports, has been at the forefront of digital sports development since 2001, when he helped Turner Broadcasting assume the operation and production of nascar.com. As part of the senior interactive team, he drove the design and development of the official NASCAR site and Adamson_headshotseveral of its online products, transforming it from a public relations-oriented league site to a comprehensive, digital NASCAR destination with original feature programming seven days a week and innovative live presentations.

With a focus on shaping the online experiences of major league sports to harness their untapped potential and better connect them with fans everywhere, Adamson also led the launch teams for the PGA of America , the PGA Tour , and most recently the NBA . Under his guidance, each organization has introduced some of the most innovative, interactive products in online sports and generated millions in year-over-year subscription and advertising revenue, including the NBA’s most successful online product, League Pass Broadband, the PGA Tour’s breakthrough Shot Tracker; numerous innovations for the online coverage of golf through the PGA Championship; and the Emmy Award-winning live racing application TrackPass.

Prior to his work at Turner, Adamson served as executive creative director for iXL’s Atlanta-based headquarters, one of the top five Web consulting giants that flourished during the late ’90s Internet explosion. His cross-discipline approach to fusing business objectives with creative-led strategies and the use of new technologies powered the complete restructuring of BellSouth’s online consumer experience, tying together several products and business units into a unified design and architecture. In addition, he led a multiyear research and development effort of a full broadband network prototype in 2000.

Adamson has earned awards in arenas ranging from original animation programming to new media creative development. He earned his bachelor of arts in journalism from Ball State.