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Emerging Media Faculty Directory

Faculty members across Ball State's colleges are engaged in emerging media research, creative endeavors and teaching innovation.   These faculty members include: 

College of Applied Sciences and Technology

Val Birk, Family and Consumer Sciences 

Kay Hodson-Carlton, Nursing 

Diana Saiki, Family and Consumer Sciences 

Linda Sweigert, Nursing 

College of Architecture and Planning

Antonieta Angulo, Architecture

Simon Bussiere, Landscape Architecture

Michele Chiuini, Architecture

Mahesh Daas, Emerging Media New Faculty Fellow, Architecture

Lohren Deeg, Urban Planning 

Martha Hunt, Landscape Architecture

Junfeng Jiao, Emerging Media New Faculty Fellow, Urban Planning 

Kevin Klinger, Architecture 

Christopher Marlow, Landscape Architecture 

Michel Mounayar, Urban Planning 

Josh Vermillion, Architecture  

Miller College of Business

Mike Goldsby, Entrepreneurship 

Mike Hicks, Center for Business and Economic Research 

Scott Inks, HH Gregg Center for Professional Selling 

College of Communication, Information and Media

Lori Byers, Communication 

Chris Flook, Telecommunications 

Miao Guo, Emerging Media New Faculty Fellow, Telecommunications 

Mike Hanley, Journalism 

Michael Holmes, Telecommunications 

Brad King, Emerging Media New Faculty Fellow, Journalism 

Kristen McCauliff, Communication Studies

Jennifer Palilonis, Journalism  

Tim Pollard, Telecommunications 

Kirsten Smith, Information and Communication Sciences  

Suzy Smith, Telecommunications 

Ryan Sparrow, Journalism

John Strauss, Journalism

Chris Taylor, Telecommunications  

College of Fine Arts

Andy Beane, Art

John Fillwalk, Hybrid Design Technologies 

Maura Jasper, Art 

John Ludwick, Emerging Media New Faculty Fellow, Art 

Michael Pounds, Music Theory and Composition 

College of Sciences and Humanities

Jay Bagga, Computer Science 

Jim Connolly, Center for Middletown Studies 

Michael Doyle, History 

Paul Gestwicki, Computer Science 

Ronald Morris, History 

Matthew Mullins, Emerging Media New Faculty Fellow, English 

James Nyce, Anthropology 

Steven Radil, Emerging Media New Faculty Fellow, Geography 

Doug Seefeldt, Emerging Media New Faculty Fellow, History  

Kathy Shafer, Math 

Vinayak Tanksale, Computer Science  

Brandon Waite, Emerging Media New Faculty Fellow, Political Science

Teachers College

Bo Chang, Emerging Media New Faculty Fellow, Educational Studies 

Jon Clausen, Educational Studies 

Matt Stuve, Educational Technology