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Emergent Storytelling: Brad King

A Ball State 2009-10 Emerging Media Faculty FBrad Kingellow, Brad King is a nationally recognized expert in digital storytelling, which explores and incorporates the fundamentals of creating, remixing, and distributing both traditional stories (such as books) and emerging story forms (such as transmedia stories) using modern networked technologies.

As a member of the advisory board for South by Southwest Interactive, the Austin, Texas-based conference and festival, he evaluates merging media, storytelling, and interactivity opportunities for one of the country's largest social technology and entertainment conferences, which in 2008 attracted more than 12,000 participants. He also advises Carnegie Mellon University's Entertainment Technology Center On-Demand Press, which examines ways emerging media can be used in the publishing realm. He and his coauthor are working on a second edition of their book, Dungeons + Dreamers: the Rise of Computer Gaming from Geek to Chic (Osborne/McGraw-Hill), which will expand upon the history of online communities and virtual worlds by examining how virtual spaces such as Second Life and emerging networked social platforms are changing the nature of how people interact through the use of virtual environments.

King also is at work on The Cult of Me, which explores how people are able to tell nonfiction stories using software tools such as aggregation, search engines, and simple publishing tools to share information virally. During fall 2009, King was one of four Ball State professors and more than 40 students partnering with local builder Hallmark Homes to tell a variety of behind-the-scenes stories related to the construction a new home for a Bunker Hill, Indiana, family as part of the ABC television program Extreme Makeover: Home Edition.

Contact Brad King, assistant professor of journalism, at 765-285-8201.