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Emerging Media Skills = Higher Pay: Jennifer Bott

Jennifer Bott, an associate professor of marketing and management,Jennifer Botts recently found that human resources officials at Indiana firms place a premium on prospective employees with developed emerging media skills.

Bott and two other faculty members from the Miller College of Business surveyed executives who do the hiring at 229 firms in Indiana in 2007 and learned companies want new employees to be familiar with new communications technologies, including social networking, mobile computing, podcasts, and instant messaging.

The results, featured in the recently published report Emerging Media: Prevalence and Impact in the Workplace, reinforce the value of emerging media expertise. For example, 93 percent of respondents say it is somewhat important to very important for employees to have emerging media skills. And hiring managers are willing to pay more to attract workers that have such skills.

“The workplace is changing fast, and HR managers want to hire people who are ready to handle new technologies,” says Bott, who is also a research fellow in the Center for Business and Economic Research. “In our study, we found that companies will pay more for technology-savvy employees. They would rather pay a new employee than train an existing one, which tells us that recent college grads may have an advantage.”

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