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Interactive Media (iMedia)—Coming Soon to an iPhone Near You: Jennifer George-Palilonis


How a lot of consumers use their handheld mobile devices to access television programming, change a doctor's appointment, or buy tickets for Saturday's game may soon owe much to the work of Jennifer George-Palilonis and students in Ball State's iMedia course. Hailed as creators of "The New News" by American Way magazine for their early development of a model interactive newscast, George-Palilonis and the iMedia team's latest effort involves designing a user-informed interface system promising to expand the capabilities of popular devices such as the iPhone and iPod touch. The results have the potential to influence not only how owners use the personal communications in daily business and life but also how they respond to new forms of marketing and advertising customized specifically for these modern and increasingly ubiquitous portable transceivers. Contact Jennifer George-Palilonis at 765-285-8216.