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Mentoring Students to Create New Apps: Jonathan Huer

Jonathan Huer believes that a simple project designed to demonstrate school spirit also is preparing his students to create the next wave of emerging media.

Under Huer's guidance, the Digital Corps, a group of professional and student media software experts, created an application for the iPhone and iPod Touch that replicates the call of (according to alumnus David Letterman) "the world's fiercest robin-sized bird." The innovation allows fans of the university's Cardinals football team to take their supportive "chirps" anywhere. The program also activates the graphic display of each device, projecting the team's logo in alternating hues of school colors cardinal red and white.

"We were motivated by the tremendous success of our 2008 football team to make something that would be fun for fans to use. Development for the iPhone is a really exciting area and fits well into Ball State's strengths in emerging media and emerging technologies," says Huer.

The free application is available through the Apple iTunes store. In its first week, the Chirper was downloaded thousands of times in dozens of countries including the U.S., Canada, Croatia, New Zealand, and Australia. Huer and his students promise updates of the Chirper and more applications soon. Among their latest ideas is a Web application that tracks public transportation—such as buses—by using any browser or mobile device. Contact Jonathan Huer, director of emerging technology and media development, at 765-285-3001.