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Kindles in the Classroom: Jon Clausen

Watching his young son tote home a backpack full of tClausenJonext books led Jon Clausen to think about alternatives to what was—literally—a heavy problem.

The assistant professor of secondary education/educational studies decided to apply for a grant through Ball State's Emerging Media Initiative that put the Amazon Kindle into the hands of his students.

Over the course of the fall 2009 semester, the 12 students in Clausen's Studies in Educational Technology used the Kindle DX electronic reader as part of a course focused on learning and teaching with emerging technologies. Clausen says the course is one of the first of its kind to incorporate this type of emerging media into a curriculum for education majors. "We're having discussions about the future and whether technology that's so new today, like the Kindle, will be a fixture in classrooms to come," he says. "You already see people using these technologies on their own, to support their own learning, but we want to discover how best to incorporate them into a more formal setting."

Contact Jon Clausen, assistant professor of secondary education/educational technology, at 765-285-5467, or visit Clausen's profile page for his e-mail address.