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Emerging Media Architect: Mahesh Daas

SenegalaAs president of the Association for Computer Aided Design in Architecture (ACADIA), Mahesh Daas, Irving distinguished professor and chair of Ball State's Department of Architecture, is at the forefront of many emerging media projects not only for the College of Architecture and Planning (CAP) but also within the profession worldwide. He anticipates that emerging nano technologies, smart technologies, and advances in computational power will soon bring about "change unlike any the world has witnessed before" and argues that many schools of architecture are failing to recognize these transformational trends and tendencies and address them through their curricula and pedagogy. An expert in modern robotics applied to architecture, Daas is helping to determine emerging media's impact on the field as one of Ball State's first Emerging Media Faculty Fellows and a member of the editorial board at the International Journal of Architectural Computing.

Architects in the future will be dealing with many more things than buildings, he adds, from global supply chain networks and business process outsourcing to rapid population growth, urbanization, and exponential energy consumption. In response and through emerging media, Daas hopes to create an architectural “studio without boundaries" that does not copy, trace, or reproduce any established professional construct but, rather, seeks to connect people, texts, machines, resources, and discourses both inside and outside architecture in new and innovative ways that extend beyond mere “training” and "problem solving." Contact Mahesh Daas at 765-285-1765.