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From CNN.com to the Classroom: Suzy Smith

After 21 years working as a sports producer and editor within CNN and its variousSmithSuzie divisions, telecommunications faculty member Suzy Smith believes the best way to teach aspiring sports journalists about emerging media is to prepare them for "the next big thing."

"We want our students to be always looking forward. You can't just think about what the hottest technology is around right now, but what is going to be going on in a year and five years. That is what I love about Ball State. We are staying ahead of the curve."

In an effort to prepare students to work in the high-tech world of sports broadcasting, Smith is part of a faculty team overseeing Sports Link, the semester-long immersive learning class that builds upon Ball State's growing number of emerging media options.

To maintain a focus on cross-platform promotion, students repackage the feature stories they create for local use at Ball State and send them to local news stations and outlets in the hometown of the featured player—on any platform the station may require.

Smith believes that sports fanatics are among the first to embrace new technologies to keep up to date with the latest scores, news, and statistics of their favorite teams. This relationship will deepen as sports leagues find new emerging media to bring content to their fans.

Contact Suzy Smith at 765-285-7901.