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Using Technology in Unique Experiences: Tim Pollard

Tim Pollard has had a behind-the-scenes role in many of Ball State's cutting-edge emerging-media projects. PollardPollard, an associate professor of telecommunications who teaches video production classes, was a member of teams that created NewsLink Indiana, the iMedia project, the Cinema Entertainment Consortium, Sports Link, and Free Wall, a 15-month movie project during which 180 students participated in working on a high-definition film set for release in March 2009. Pollard said the talents of Ball State's faculty and staff—along with state-of-the-art resources such as the David Letterman Communication and Media Building—make Ball State highly qualified to be a national leader in emerging media. "We endeavor to create these kinds of unique experiences for our students so we can stay ahead of the curve in this field of expertise," Pollard said. "We teach them to be creative thinkers and to use technology to make new and unique stories and experiences for the viewer." Contact Tim Pollard at 765-285-1481.