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Interactive Media (iMedia) and More: Vinayak Tanksale

Computer science instructor Vinayak Tanksale is a highly sought after computer programmer who has designed vital software for a variety of groundbreaking projects since starting at Ball State in 2001.

Tanksale"It is exciting to work at a university on the leading edge of emerging media," he says. "Since I started here, I've been able to work with faculty across disciplines on projects involving art, journalism, music, and telecommunications. I don't know of another university where I could get such opportunities."

Tanksale has been a key player on a team of Ball State faculty from the College of Sciences and Humanities and the College of Communication, Information, and Media working on the development of interactive television. Tanksale and several other faculty members head iMedia, a yearlong immersive learning class designed to help students learn about developing and designing interactive news and advertising for a variety of platforms.

Tanksale is also assisting the nationally acclaimed Center for Media Design (CMD) on a variety of projects and research.

"Without a doubt, I think Ball State is in the top five nationally—and best in the Midwest—when it comes to working in the emerging media field, while pushing our students to participate in many of these projects. I think that in a few years, we'll be attracting top students from across the country because of our growing reputation in emerging media."

Contact Tanksale at 765-285-2962 or view his profile page for his e-mail address.

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