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Industry Partners

Leadership in the emerging media field requires reaching out to partners, collaborators, and sponsors.

We have been privileged to work with corporate giants such as Apple, Adobe, PepsiCo, Time Warner, NBC Universal, Turner Sports Interactive, and Eli Lilly, and government agencies and nonprofits such as National Public Radio and the Guggenheim Museum. Ball State has also established relationships with top media firms such as the Nielsen-funded Council for Research Excellence, which commissioned Ball State to conduct a $3.5 million, yearlong study on the ways in which people consume media. It was the largest study of its kind and continues to be considered the gold standard in observational media research on Madison Avenue. View our growing list of local and national partners.  

Within the state, Ball State is dedicated to economic development activities that strengthen area businesses and provide robust job opportunities for our graduates.  Through the Center for Media Design, the university has partnered with TechPoint, Indiana's initiative for growing the state's technology-based economy, to stake Indiana's claim as the "Measured Marketing" capital of the world. In 2010, TechPoint and Ball State launched the Indiana Measured Marketing Executive Roundtable, a series of invitation-only events that bring together e-marketing executives for networking and discussions to advance the economic micro-cluster.

The university also receives guidance on emerging media curriculum development, internships, research, and industry partnerships through its Emerging Media National Advisory Board. Members include top media and technology industry experts from across the nation and beyond.