The Entrepreneurship Center

What is entrepreneurship?

This is one of the first questions we often get from students considering entrepreneurship as a field of study. The answer, at its core, is simply the identification of opportunity and doing something about it.

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Many believe this means an individual has to think of an original idea, quit their job and start their own company. While  many of our graduates have been extremely successful with this path, it is just one of many. The reality is that most students fresh out of college do not have the resources to start a company; experience, connections and financial resources come over time. 

You can be an entrepreneur wherever you are, in whatever position you are in. Some of the most successful people in the world are corporate entrepreneurs; individuals working in an existing company who actively seek opportunities and act on them for the advancement of their existing companies. Nothing makes you stand out more than going above and beyond your defined role, searching for and acting upon opportunities to make a company run more efficiently, produce higher margins, or expand into new markets!

In today's extremely competitive business environment, it is these entrepreneurial individuals that move to the top and make themselves known as true leaders.

Entrepreneurship Program

Our center has been a leader in entrepreneurial education from our beginning in 1983, and we have been consistently recognized as one of the best in the country. Why is our program such a success? Our faculty teach you step-by-step how to creatively identify real-world opportunities, apply a business model to your solution, and then assess the feasibility of your idea.

With an emphasis on creative design and technology integration, you will learn the entrepreneurial process while working with real companies and real technologies/products. You will have a direct impact on a company's future while learning real-world skills such as professional networking, industry research and how to give effective presentations.

Our alumni are part of an exclusive group. Each entrepreneurial management graduate has completed a very difficult and challenging program; one of the most difficult majors on campus. Each alum has also contributed to the rich heritage and stringent expectations of our program. They have left this program with the knowledge and experience needed in the real-world that few other programs can offer.

How can you be successful in our program? It starts with vision, then takes commitment and innovation to create a heritageNo excuses.

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