The Disney Experience

The Walt Disney Company is perhaps the best example of a company that delivers on both innovative new business development and unwavering customer service/retention simultaneously. The legacy of Walt Disney continues to live in the company he founded as the company is always searching for new markets to enter and innovative ways to attract and serve its customers in its existing businesses. 

 In collaboration with Disney executives, students within the Entrepreneurial Management program are hosted "backstage" at Walt Disney World Resort in mid-February of their senior year. During their visit, students see firsthand the innovations and business practices that put Disney at the top of the entertainment industry through activities including:

  • A personal visit and discussion with top company executives
  • A guided tour of the Magic Kingdom (including going underneath the park!)
  • A team based activity to examine how Disney exhibits its entrepreneurial mindset and business practices

This trip is an exclusive opportunity for you as a major and is a "can't miss" experience that you will never forget!  

 2013 Senior Class