Benefits from this Minor

We have made it possible for you to earn a minor regardless of your major, giving you the opportunity to turn your passion into a business.

As an example, when the following majors are partnered with an entrepreneurship minor, you can see the career degree goes one step up.

  • Architecture = Architect vs. Architecture Firm Owner
  • Business = Manager vs. Chief Executive Officer
  • Hospitality Management = Restaurant Manager vs. Restaurateur
  • Electronic Arts and Animation = Animator vs. Studio Mogul
  • Manufacturing Engineering Technology = Engineer vs. Product Innovator
  • Exercise Science = Fitness Trainer vs. Fitness Studio Owner
  • Interior Design = Interior Designer vs. Firm Principal 
  • Fashion Design = Fashion Designer vs. Style Icon 
  • Journalism = Journalist vs. Media Magnate 
  • Music Technology = Engineer vs. Studio Owner 
  • Telecommunications = Camera Operator vs. Film Producer 
  • Theatre = Stagehand vs. Broadway Producer