Business Plan Creation

Our Business Plan Creation program will pair you with one individual or a team of students majoring in entrepreneurial management. This program has a two-year timeline and will dive into significant depth and scope. The end deliverable is a fully researched and written business plan. Our students will systematically research the business opportunity, identify a business model and create a physical action plan over the course of five semesters.  

However, this program is so much more than simply a 150+ page research document. Our students and the business partner form a professional relationship and learn from each other. The program has often led to further collaboration on other projects, internships, and even job offers.

This program may be a great fit with you and your organization if:

  • You are in the beginning stages or a new project or venture
  • You are seeking help and a new viewpoint that may uncover new opportunities
  • You are flexible to the two-year timeline and are open to seeing where an idea goes
  • You are committed to working with students and learning and growing together
  • You are seriously committed to the project

This is a special program and has transformed lives and companies. If you are interested in learning more, or think you have a project that would be a good fit, please contact Rob Mathews, Assistant Director of the Entrepreneurship Center.