Global Health Institute

From the Director

"As resources shift towards health related issues both nationally and internationally, it is essential to find interdisciplinary solutions to solve difficult health related problems. Ball State University values interdisciplinary research and programs. This interdisciplinary approach allows for the integration of Ball State faculty, students and organizations to solve difficult problems. It is this type of integration that is essential to achieve global health and will benefit from the community based tradition at Ball State."

Kerry Anne McGeary, Ph.D.
Director, Global Health Institute
Phyllis A. Miller Professor of Health Economics

Kerry Anne McGeary, Ph.D., serves as the founding director of the GHI and she is the Phyllis A. Miller Professor of Health Economics. The creation of the GHI is part of a University wide initiative to promote health related research programs at Ball State University. In addition to the GHI, Dr. McGeary assisted the creation of a new interdisciplinary curriculum the Certificate in Health Economics, Policy and Administration.