Major in Sales

As of fall 2010, Ball State's H.H. Gregg Center for Professional Selling now provides the opportunity for students to excel with the new bachelor's degree in sales. The program focuses on professional selling, sales technology and sales management, and the chance to work with sales coaches from industry. This degree is a first for a university in Indiana.

The H.H. Gregg Center serves students, businesses, the university, and the community by producing outstanding graduates and quality research and continues to be recognized as one of the nation's best sales centers. Our center is one of only 11 such programs in the nation and has been certified by the Professional Society for Sales and Marketing Training (SMT) for its high educational standards.


MKG 325 Professional Selling    3.0 Hrs
MKG 350 Marketing Research    3.0 Hrs                                     
MKG 425 Adv. Prof Selling         3.0 Hrs
MKG 427 Sales Management      3.0 Hrs
MKG 429 Sales Technology        3.0 Hrs
*3 hours of MKG Electives (choose from: MKG 310 or MKG 470)
*3 hours of MKG Electives (choose from: MKG 369 or MKG 432)
*6 hours of MKG Electives (choose from: MKG 345, MKG 410, or MKG 460)

This is a guideline; it is the student's responsibility to meet with their facutly advisor. To schedule a meeting with the faculty advisor for Professional Selling, please click here.