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The H.H. Gregg Center for Professional Selling offers a variety of opportunities for students currently pursuing a major in sales or a sales minor. Instructors who have professional sales experience primarily teach our sales courses, which are designed to give you both a theoretical and practical understanding of professional selling, business communication, and sales related technology.

Sales students can also take advantage of the USCA Sales Certification. The purpose of the Certified Sales Student Achievement program is to offer university students the opportunity to receive recognition for going beyond minimal course requirements in preparing themselves for successful sales jobs and careers.  Completing the process required to receive this certification helps participants to differentiate themselves from other students in the sales employment market.  Similarly, by denoting exceptional commitment and achievement, the program assists employers in identifying the best candidates for sales positions nationwide and around the world.   Any college student can earn this certificate of achievement by meeting the required coursework with authorized faculty and completing the extracurricular experience requirements presented below.  The University Sales Center Alliance, a consortium of recognized and accredited sales programs across the Nation, sponsors the Certified Sales Student designation. See the criteria for the certification or complete the applicationEmail the completed application or deliver to WB307.

Spring 2014 Semester Courses:
Detailed introduction to and application of the principles of personal selling as applied to persons pursuing any vocation, as well as those aspiring to careers in marketing. Prerequisite: any ECON course; junior standing. Parallel: MKG 300. 3 Credit Hours.
CRN 24314    Section 1    M/W/F 0900-0950    Dr. Chapman
CRN 24315    Section 2    T/R 1400-1515        Dr. Schetzsle
CRN 24316    Section 3    T/R 1100-1215        Dr. Schetzsle
CRN 24317    Section 4    T/R 0930-1045        Dr. Schetzsle
CRN 29877    Section 5    M/W/F 1400-1450    Dr. Chapman
CRN 29944    Section 800    Online                 Dr. Inks

MKG 425  Seminar in Advanced Professional Selling
Introduces advanced topics in professional selling. Emphasis on relationship management and negotiation. Each student will work with a sales coach from industry. Multiple video-taped role playing exercises will be a major part of this class including a video-taped role play in the field. Prerequisite: MKG 300, 325; permission of the department chairperson.    
CRN 24360    Section 2    T/R  0930-1045    Dr. Avila  

MKG 427  Sales Management
Policies and practices in organizing, recruiting, selecting, training, compensating, motivating, and controlling the sales force. Prerequisite: MKG 300, 325.
CRN 24365    Section 1    M/W/F  1300-1350    Dr. Chapman
CRN 24367    Section 2    M/W/F  1100-1150    Dr. Chapman

MKG 505  Survey of Marketing
A survey of marketing that reflects the social, economic, and international challenges facing marketing managers. Examines the roles of marketing in both society and business. Prerequisite: full admission to a graduate or certification program of the university.
Offered: CRN 25577    Section 800    Online                  Dr. Inks

MKG 625 Professional Selling Skills and Practices
Introduces the managing of the sales process exploring prospecting, information gathering, presentations, handling sales resistance, earning commitment, and follow-up. Other topics include buyer behavior and communication skills. Prerequisite: admission to a graduate program of the university; MKG 505 or its equivalent.
CRN 24755    Section 1T    R  1600-1750        Dr. Avila
CRN 25578    Section 880  R  1600-1750        Dr. Avila

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