Offering a New Online Course

iLearn staff members provide support for the design and development of online and blended courses, including helping you identify appropriate online resources inside and outside the university.

Below is an overview of our services and the course development process. Course stipends are available for online courses. You will be required to go through the process to qualify for a course development stipend.

Course Development Process

Step 1: Get Approval for Your Course Proposal

  • Submit your online course proposal to the Division of Online and Distance Education.
  • The course proposal form will be routed to your academic department and dean for approval.
  • If approved, the proposal is sent to iLearn to help you begin development process.
  • You will be assigned to an instructional designer during the course development process. Learn more about instructional design.

Step 2: Design and Development for Online Courses

  • You will work with your assigned instructional designer and others to develop your online or blended course.
  • You will begin developing the course. You will want to be aware of the different roles you and others will play in development:

    Roles: Personnel or Office
    Subject-Matter Expert Faculty member
    Project Manager Instructional designer 
    Administrative Services (pays stipends, posts courses, provides student services, markets online programs and courses, etc.) Division of Online and Distance Education

    Resources around campus and beyond, including:

    —Online Faculty Fellows
    —Textbook and materials publishers
    —Library staff
    —Office of Copyright and Intellectual Property


    iLearn technologists:

    —Graphic designer
    —Web designer
    —Video production and distribution services
    —Graduate assistants

Step 3: Completing Your Course Development

  • iLearn approves your course as complete based on best practices identified in iLearn’s course development guidelines. Staff from iLearn use the nationally recognized Quality Matters Program.
  • Next, you and your instructional designer will meet with your chair or program director to review the course content for final approval.
  • Once approved, the Division of Online and Distance Education submits paperwork for your course development stipend payment.

Step 4: Managing and Delivering Your Course

  • iLearn staff members will be an ongoing resource for you as you continue tweaking and improving your online or blended courses.
  • The Online and Distance Education staff members will assist you in administrative and student service functions related to delivering your course online. These services include:
    • Ordering textbooks
    • Course creation in the university’s course scheduling system
    • Access to your Blackboard course
    • Troubleshooting basic Blackboard issues
    • Student services such as registration, drop/withdrawal, orientation for online students, troubleshooting issues students may have, serving as a liaison between students and faculty or other offices
    • If your course is part of a larger academic program such as a degree or certificate, Online and Distance Education will help guide you through the program approval process.
    • If your course is part of a larger academic program, Online and Distance Education will help you and your department market it to prospective students.

Ready to get started? Submit your online course proposal or contact Joel Whitesel with questions.

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