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Summer 2015
Order deadline was March 17; however, late orders are being accepted until May 5, but availability cannot be guaranteed.

Fall 2015
Order deadline was March 27 to ensure availability. Late orders can be accepted until July 31, but availability cannot be guaranteed.

Contact Lorrie Carey or Kim Terrell for details. 

Faculty members may opt to use electronic textbooks and course materials through Courseload.

Courseload is an Indiana-based company that partners with several textbook publishers to provide eTexts that can be accessed via Blackboard. It is a unique eText provider whose product incorporates enhancements for learning outcomes and advancements in student retention and success efforts, as well as being less expensive for students than traditional textbooks.

Available Publishers and eTexts

Textbooks and materials from Cengage, MacMillan, McGraw-Hill, Norton, Pearson, SAGE, Thuze, and Wiley are available in the ordering portal. We are working to add other publishers as well.

How to Order and Search for Available eTexts

Use Courseload's ordering portal to see if your textbooks are available as eTexts. You may also find supplemental eMaterials that can be bundled with or unbundled from the eTexts.

  • If your textbooks are available, you will proceed through the ordering process.
  • If your textbook is not available, you can request the content while in the ordering portal. Courseload will respond via e-mail when it is ready, or if there is a reason the content will not be available.

Watch a Courseload video on how to order.

If You Need Help

Contact Kim Terrell or Lorrie Carey if you have questions about ordering eTexts.

Benefits to Faculty

  • Improve your understanding of how students are learning with a wide variety of built-in analytics, such as how many pages students opened, how many bookmarks or highlights they made, or the total time your class is spending with the digital content.
  • Share your notes, links, and annotations with students.
  • Export those customized notes to your own computer for use elsewhere or to be prepared for textbook edition updates.
  • Incorporate multimedia into your course.
  • Don’t worry about delays—students have access to their eTexts the first day of class.
  • Be assured that all your students have the textbook. If you are using an eText, it will be a required purchase, but at a substantial discount over a printed version.
  • Review other benefits on the Courseload website.

Student Billing 

Students may ask you about paying for their eTexts. You can let them know that when they register for courses in Self-Service Banner, it will indicate that this course uses an eText. Students may view the cost of the eText on their Bursar’s bill. eText prices will vary, but are a significant discount over the cost of printed textbooks. 

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