What Are eTexts and What are the Benefits?

Courseload Product Overview Video
What Are eTexts?
Well, here is what they are NOT: eTexts are not simply books that you read on a tablet or computer.

Rather, it is a web-based platform that provides educational materials to students regardless of publisher, content, or device.

Ball State has partnered with Courseload, an Indiana-based company, and several publishers to provide eTexts that can be accessed via Courseload’s online platform. You access the platform via a web browser on any desktop or mobile device. Learn more with product overview video.

Ball State’s eText initiative is one way the university is trying to help drive down costs for students, while at the same time opening new doors to teaching and learning that are especially relevant in today’s classrooms that are often a blend of face-to-face and digital interactions. 

Benefits to Everyone 

  • Customize your class experience by highlighting, taking notes, searching, bookmarking, and sharing directly from your eText; sharing can be professor-to-student or student-to-student
  • Access your eText and notes wherever you have web access.
  • Access via a variety of devices that include PCs, Macs, tablets or smartphones that include a web browser (such as iPads, iPhone. Kindle Fire, and Android), and all the most popular web browsers.
  • Print selected pages or order a complete printed copy for an additional cost for times you may want a hard copy.
  • Access your eText via Blackboard.
  • Available to everyone of all abilities—the platform is Section 508 and WCAG 2.0 Level AA compliant, the standards for making web content accessible.

Benefits to Students

  • Reduce your costs—eTexts are up to 65 percent off the list price of printed textbooks.
  • Order eTexts by simply registering for classes via MyBSU— Charges for eTexts will automatically be charged to your Ball State eBill.
  • Build upon prior learning by accessing your eTexts and custom notes as long as you are a Ball State student.
  • Enjoy improved study aids and the ability to collaborate with study groups.
  • Don’t worry about ordering problems, you eText is available the first day of class.
  • Access multimedia demonstrations or materials.
  • Lighten your heavy backpack.

Benefits to Faculty

  • Improve your understanding of how students are learning with a wide variety of built-in analytics, such as how many pages are opened, how many bookmarks or highlights are made, or the total time your class is spending with the digital content.
  • Share your notes, links, and annotations with students.
  • Export those customized notes to your own computer for use elsewhere or to be prepared for textbook edition updates.
  • Incorporate multimedia into your course.
  • Don’t worry about delays—students have access to their eTexts the first day of class.
  • Be assured that all your students have the textbook. If you are using an eText, it will be a required purchase, but usually at a substantial discount over a printed version.

Watch Courseload's product overview video

eTexts: An initiative from the offices of Academic Affairs and Information Technology