Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)

What is an eText?

eText (electronic textbook) describes the digital version of textbooks and other educational resources. eTexts also include content such as workbooks, tutorials, videos, simulations, and interactive software. 

How do I access my eTexts?

eTexts will be available through Blackboard course sites. Once within your Blackboard course site, look in the course menu to see the link.

How do I pay for eTexts?

When you register for courses, the cost of your eText will automatically be added to your Bursar's bill for the course. eText prices will vary, but are a significant discount over the cost of printed books. Cost of the eText will be display in the MyBSU (Self-Service Banner) description of the course.

What is Courseload?

Courseload is the company Ball State has partnered with to provide the eText reading platform.

How long do I keep my eTexts?

Students will have access to their eTexts as long as they are registered for courses at Ball State.

May I still get a printed copy?

Yes. If you would like to keep your textbook after you graduate, you may order an optional print copy of your textbook for an additional fee. The link to order this copy is available within the Courseload screens.

Can faculty assign eTexts now?

Yes. Faculty can order now through the Courseload ordering portal, as well as search for what eTexts are available. 

Why offer the approach of eText fees rather than allowing students to shop on their own?

By partnering with publishers as a university, we are able to obtain significant discounts over what the students would pay for an eText individually. This model is similar to our partnerships with software companies that allow our students and faculty to purchase Microsoft products at such low costs.

Will all courses use the eText fee model?

No. The eText model is available to any faculty who wish to participate in this initiative. It is not a requirement.

Will students know if a course has an eText fee at the time of enrollment?

Yes. Course sections will be designated in MyBSU's Self-Service Banner as an eText section.  If an academic department adds an eText course after student registration, the department will communicate that decision to enrolled students. 

What happens if a student drops the course after paying the eText fee?

If a student drops an eText course before the end of the semester drop/add period, they will receive a full refund. 

What if the student normally shares or doesn’t purchase a textbook?

If enrolled in a course using an eText, students will have to pay the fee, even if they do not want access to the materials or choose to share with another student. Publishers will not offer the substantial discount to everyone if individuals are allowed to opt out.

How long can the student access the eTexts?

Students can access their materials as long as they are enrolled at Ball State. They can print or pay a small fee for a professionally printed and bound version if they wish to keep a book longer.

eTexts: An initiative from the offices of Academic Affairs and Information Technology