For Students

“With Courseload, students see up to a 65% reduction in the cost of new textbooks. All course materials are accessible through any web-enabled device with a modern browser that supports a rich eText environment taking the bulk out of the backpack. Cheaper, lighter, and better for learning. No wonder three quarters of students prefer Courseload to traditional textbooks.” —Source:

Will eTexts Be Used in My Course?

By now you may have read about the benefits of eTexts and are wondering if they will be used in any of your next courses.

When registering for courses in Self-Service Banner (SSB) within MyBSU, there will be a field that indicates whether a Courseload eText will be used. Watch that field carefully to make sure you know how you will access your textbook.

Be mindful that the decision whether to use an eText or a traditional printed textbook is up to the individual professor. Plus, spring 2014 is the first semester that all Ball State professors will be able to use eTexts, so adoption may be somewhat limited in the first few semesters.

How Do I Use an eText? 

We recommend you watch the student video in the training section.

Screenshot of a Textbook in Courseload

Courseload Screenshot (small)
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