A Discussion Forum is part of the Discussion Board tool and is used for threaded conversations in your course. Discussion boards are great for building a sense of community for students, collaboration, idea exchanges, to demonstrate understanding of course material (it can be a graded activity), and to pose questions or clarify assignments. Discussion boards accommodate different learning styles giving students confidence in responding and interacting with the instructor and other students.

How do I use discussion boards?

Instructors access the Discussion Board tool within the Control Panel in the Course Tools menu by clicking on the discussion board link, clicking the Create Forum button, entering a name and description, choosing availability options, selecting setting options and submitting the form.

Multiple forums can be created to organize discussion topics and they can be repurposed for either student groups or the entire class. Students can access the forum via a link in the course menu or from within a content area.

For more information about creating, using, moderating, and grading discussion boards, consult the Blackboard help article about using discussion boards.