Creating mashups in your Blackboard course is a great way to enrich your course materials.  YouTube videos and NBC Learn archives are readily available to you in Blackboard.  

 Ball State University maintains a subscription to NBC Learn Archives which allows you to have access to complete videos (2-5 min. in length) and archived documents on a wide variety of topics from current events to historical events and more! Ball State's subscription ensures that faculty, staff and students can use the NBC Learn archives as they wish in Blackboard  blogs, journals, websites, assignments and  presentations.

NBC Learn videos can be added to any content area in Blackboard. Here are some quick facts about NBC Learn.

  • Only Blackboard instructors can embed a video into a course.
  • There are more than 12,000 video clips available which are complete stories within themselves.
  • 20-30 videos are added to the archives each week.
  • Videos are organized by topic and by weeks of the month.
  • Videos utilize advance search and keyword searching.
  • All videos include closed captioning, full transcript and  bibliographic data
  • The videos are created to supplement your course content.

Learn more about using the NBC Learn archives and adding YouTube videos by watching these video tutorials. The video tutorials will open in a new window or tab.

Open and view or print information in PDF format about how to use NBC Learn and YouTube video in your course.