Getting Started: What's new in Blackboard SP12_13?

You will see the same streamlined interface and theme with the same basic elements that you are familiar with still in place. If you did not see a tool in the course tools section, go to:

  • Customizations section in the Blackboard control panel
  • Click Tool Availability and make sure the box beside of the tool is checked
  • Click submit to make the tool available

What are the new features?

Learn more about the new Blackboard Learn 9.1 SP12/SP13 interface by viewing the following video tutorials.  Each video tutorial will open in a new window or tab.  Some of the new features and tools include:

  • Achievements - This tool allows you to designate criteria for issuing rewards to students. This also includes a feature called badges.
  • Accessibility Improvements - Ways to make Blackboard more usable and accessible including setting test exceptions to accommodate a students with special needs.
  • Blackboard Collaborate - New functionality and interface to schedule sessions and integrate with the grade center and view session attendance where you can post attendance to the grade center.
  • Calendar -  Help your students be more organized by providing events, due dates, etc. on their Blackboard calendar.
  • Check Course Links - After you copy your course you can verify that links are still valid with the link checker tool.
  • Inline Grading - Used for Assignments, Blogs, Discussions, Journals, and Wikis.
  • Groups Management
  • Retention Center - Instructor only tool that enables you to give focused attention to students who need it.
  • Test Access Log - The log provides detailed information on student test attempt interactions when taking a test.
  • Test Options - Several new options are available such as:  Setting exceptions and showing  test results and feedback to students.

Watch the “What’s New in Blackboard Learn” video and find step-by-step instructions on Blackboard topics here Welcome to Blackboard Help for Instructors.

Watch a video tutorial about Video Everywhere or open and/or print out information in PDF format about Video Everywhere.