Respondus LockDown Browser is a custom browser that locks down the testing environment for Blackboard tests that are taken in a testing lab on the Ball State campus.  You must set this option in your Blackboard test to utilize the feature in the testing lab.  Currently LockDown browser tool is only available in the testing labs and is not available on a student's computer or computers in other areas on campus.

NOTE:  When you set up the Respondus Lockdown Browser feature on your test a password is automatically generated by Respondus.  NEVER give this password to your students.  If you do they will be able to take the test on their own computers and will NOT have to take the test in a Ball State campus testing lab. 

Why use this feature for your Blackboard tests?

  1. Locks down the testing environment during online testing.
  2. Blocks access to other applications during the test.
  3. Students cannot view class notes on their computer, open a second browser, start an instant message session, or access their email.
  4. Protects exam questions from copy, print, send copies, and blocks screen capture programs.
  5. Students cannot accidentally close the browser window to exit the test before the test is completed.

Set up Respondus Lockdown Browser on your test

First you will create, add to a content area and make the test available in your Blackboard course.

  1. Click course tools in the Control Panel in your course.
  2. Click Respondus Lockdown Browser.
  3. Click the settings button to the left of the assessment for which you want to enable the Respondus Lockdown Browser.
  4. Select require Respondus Lockdown browser for the test.
  5. Click submit.

Watch this video tutorial for setting up LockDown Browser (00:01:11)

NOTE:  Once you have set this feature on the test, you cannot make any changes to the test unless you follow the above steps and remove the feature from the test.  Then you can make changes and reapply the Lockdown browser.

Testing Labs on the Ball State campus

  1. All testing labs operate on a walk-in basis.
  2. Students will need to present an official Ball State ID card when they come to the lab to take a test.
  3. No extra materials are allowed in the testing lab.  All book bags, notebooks, etc. will be retained at the entrance to the testing lab.  This area is not locked, so please advise students not to bring valuables to the lab.
  4. Advise students not to wait until the last minute to take the test as the labs fill up quickly during peak times. 
  5. Students may check seat availability on the web, or go to and click on the link on the webpage.
  6. A link to the location of testing labs and hours of operation is also listed on the Computer Based Testing Lab page. Testing lab hours are usually updated during mid-terms and finals.