Assessment: Safe Assignment

To enable the Safe Assignment tool to check submitted work for plagiarism, faculty must select Safe Assignment assessment type when creating the assignment.  After students submit their documents through a SafeAssignment, SafeAssign checks their text for matching against the following sources:

  • Internet sources
  • ProQuest ABI/Inform Database
  • BSU SafeAsign document archives
  • SafeAssign Global Reference Database

If you have marked this SafeAssignments as “draft,” it will not be added to Ball State’s repository of document archives. Students also must check a box when submitting their assignment for their paper to be added to the SafeAssign Global Reference Database.

Learn more about creating SafeAssignments and Originality Reports by downloading the following PDF documents:

SafeAssign can be used as a learning tool when you allow your students to see their Originality Reports. Students will see exactly the same things you see in reports.

Learn more about Safe Assignments and Originality Reports by viewing a video tutorial.  The video will open in a new window or tab.