In the evaluation option found in the control panel, you will see three choices to track student progress: the Retention Center, Performance Dashboard, and Course Reports. These tools let you quickly find information about your student's activities and grades. You also have the option to notify any student from the information generated through the early warning system and performance dashboard data. The course report generator gives you a detailed look of the entire class or an individual that can be printed.

Retention Center:

The retention center is a new tool and replaces the early warning system tool.  Retention center uses both pre-defined and instructor-defined rules to help identify students who are at risk and provides a means to communicate with these students.

Learn more about the retention center by viewing the Retention Center Article on Blackboard help.

Performance Dashboard:

The performance dashboard is another tool to view into all types of user activity in a course.  All students enrolled in the course are listed with pertinent information about the user's progress and activity in the course.  The following information is displayed:

For more information, consult this article about Blackboard performance dashboard.

The following columns are available in the performance dashboard rule:

  • Last Name
  • First Name
  • Username
  • Role
  • Last Course Access
  • Days since last course access
  • Review Status : Displays the number of content items that have been reviewed by a user. Click the link for a detailed view of content items reviewed.
  • Adaptive Release : Click the icon to display the menu for a user, showing every content item in the course. Items use icons to indicate whether content items and folders are visible or invisible to the user and whether the items have been reviewed.
  • Discussion Board : Displays the number of posts for the user. Click the link to display which Forums the user has posted to and statistics about each post. Forum names link to a collection of posts for the user.
  • Early Warning System : Displays the number of warnings and the number of total rules that result in a warning for a user. Click the link to open the Early Warning System page for the user.
  • View Grades : Click the icon to display the Grade Center.

 Course Analytics:

  • Course At-a-Glance: Compares the current course you are in against other courses in the same department.
  • Activity and Grade Scatter Plot: Activity and Grade Scatter Plot
  • Activity Matrix:  Visual representation of student activity
  • Course Submission Summary:  Summary of user submissions

Course Reports:

Running and saving course reports provides an opportunity to create printable reports for your courses and students.  You can set up reports to display all or a number of students, groups, and grade or calculated columns, a grading period, or all of the columns in a category for a single course.  Reports are customized in a variety of ways, including unique report header and footer information.  You can include a signature line, date, course information, and many other data elements.

There are eight unique types of reports available:

  • All user activity inside content areas :  This report displays a summary of all user activity inside the content area for the course.
  • Course activity overview : Displays overall activity within a single course, sorted by student and date.  Data includes the total and average time spent per user and the total amount of activity the user had in the course.
  • Course coverage report : Displays goals coverage information for a single Blackboard course.  Data includes both covered and gap values for all curricular areas that the course is associated with, as well as a breakdown of course items that have been aligned to goals.
  • Course performance : Displays information showing how a single Blackboard course performs against a selected set of goals. Performance targets and a range of acceptable performance for the course can be determined when running the report.  Data includes averages for the entire course as well as break downs for individual students and goals.
  • Overall summary of user activity : displays user activity for all areas of the course, as well as activity dates, times and days of the week.
  • Student overview for single course : displays an individual student's activity within a course, sorted by date.  Data includes the total overall time that the student spent in the course as well as detailed information about the student's activity, such as which items and content areas the student accessed and the time spent on each.
  • User activity in forums : This report displays a summary of user activity in discussion board forums for the course.
  • User activity in groups : Displays a summary of user activity in groups for the course.