Transition to Blackboard Tests

Assessment: Transition to Blackboard Tests

All faculty who use InQsit, Exam Services (scantron) and Web Gradebook will transition to Blackboard Tests and Grade Center during the 2013-14 academic year.  The sunset date is set for end of spring semester 2014.

In order to best prepare you for this comprehensive change, many workshops have been scheduled to assist you. Choose a scenario that best fits your needs:

Scenario 1 - My exams are currently in inQsit:

I would like to export InQsit exams and import the questions into Blackboard to create a test.  This scenario is for tests that are primarily multiple choice and true/false. You will be working with a conversion tool to export from inQsit and import directly into Blackboard. You will learn more about Blackboard tests such as applying settings, making the test available for students, setting up the lockdown browser for the students to take the test in one of the testing labs on campus.  Register for a workshop

Scenario 2 - Introduction to Respondus 4 a helper application for exam creation:

Respondus is an application that you can use to make Blackboard exam creation much easier. You can create your exam in Word or a plain text file, load the questions into Respondus before importing into Blackboard as a test or a pool. You can also use Respondus to connect to your textbook publisher question bank. In this session you will learn how to use Respondus to create a variety of test questions, add images and equations and more.  Register for a workshop

Scenario 3 - Work directly with your textbook representative:

The textbook you use has a test bank available.  I would like to import the test questions from the publisher text bank into a Blackboard and create a question pool and a test. You can use Respondus to import questions from your textbook test bank.  Register for a workshop

Scenario 4 - Create a Blackboard test:

I want to create new tests.  I can create the test questions in directly in Blackboard to create a new test. Register for a workshop

Scenario 5 - Convert Scantron tests into Blackboard tests:

I use exam services (scantron) for testing.  My exams are in Microsoft Word or another type of word processed document.  Register for a workshop to learn more about Blackboard Tests or using Respondus4 to create your test from your word or text document.  Workshops are also available to learn more about Blackboard Grade Center.

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