Transition inQsit Tests to Blackboard

This is for faculty who want to reuse existing InQsit tests and import the questions into Blackboard to recreate the test.  To be successful, please follow the recommended steps.  You will find that by using a batch processing method your productivity level will be increased.  Batch processing in this scenario refers to doing step 1 over and over until you are complete, then moving on to the next step.  An example is you will log into InQsit and print out all tests (step 1).  Follow the below steps to move from inQsit to a completed test in Blackboard.  

  • Step 1:  Print out inQsit tests that you will convert to Blackboard Tests
  • Step 2:  Develop an organizational plan which involved setting up folders on your computer where you will save the files that are output from inQsit.
  • Step 3:  Run the inQsit to Blackboard conversion tool of each test to generate the file you need to automate the inQsit conversion process.

This handout walks you through steps 1, 2, and 3: Export InQsit Tests Using the Conversion Tool (PDF)

Watch this video tutorial for steps 1-3 here: inQsit Conversion Tool (length 00:08:17)

  • Step 4: Create a Blackboard Test
  • Step 5: Set up Lockdown Browser for taking tests in a test lab on campus
    • instructions in the Create and Deploy a Blackboard Test PDF below

This handout walks you through steps 4 and 5: Create and Deploy a Blackboard Test (PDF)

Watch this video tutorial for steps 4 and 5 here: Making a Blackboard Test (length 00:08:28)

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