What is a Wiki?

A Wiki is a collaborative workspace for both you and your students to work. They consist of multiple pages with a Home Page for navigation. Each user of the wiki has the ability to modify any and all of the content. Wikis can be open to the whole class or assigned to groups only. They include a complete version history and the instructor can see how much new content and content modifications each student has contributed.

Why use Wikis in my course?

Discussion Boards provide structured, threaded conversations. Blogs and Journals provide a writing space for students to reflect and leave each other comments or feedback. Wikis provide a collaborative writing space for students to complete individual, group or class work. All students have the ability to enhance and correct each other’s work. These features truly provide a collaborative workspace and remove the need for students to email different versions of a document to each other. The History feature also allows instructors to see a student’s thought process unfold while they created the deliverable.

Learn more about using a Wiki by viewing the following tutorials:

For additional information, see the Blackboard help article about Wikis.