Faculty Technology Studio

The Faculty Technology Studio acts as a collection of ideas and demonstrations of diverse technologies to meet educational needs.  This series is hosted by iLearn, but presenters are from a variety of departments.  

The Faculty Technology Studio meets weekly on Tuesday and Wednesday in Ball Communication (BC) 220 Training Stadium from 2:00-3:00. Either sign up or stop by when the studio is in session. 

Date Presenter Description
Sept 2 & 3
Ms. Sarah Aldridge

Getting Started With Prezi: Presenting information to your students as a concept map

Move beyond the Powerpoint with this dynamic presentation tool. Build impressive presentations, organize them as a concept map where learners are able to review specific points. Learning does not have to be linear anymore!

Sept 9
Mr. Dave Largent

Engaging students with a flipped classroom

Do you wish students were more engaged in your class? Do the students tend not to do the homework that they should? Come hear about my multi-semester experiences teaching a variety of classes using flipped classroom pedagogy. This approach has helped address these issues for me.

Sept 10 & 16
Ms. Angelia Yount

Voki and Implementing in Your Online Classroom

In the past decade, Online Course delivery has increased greatly in higher education. As enrollment increases, instructors are looking for new innovative and engaging ways to deliver their course material, Voki is another option to assistance with creative learning. Voki can help add excitement to your discussion boards, presentations, and also help with other solutions in your online course. So, come and have fun learning about Voki and using it in your online course!

Sept 17 & 23 Mr. Adam Ballart

Voxopop - Audioblogs for Out-of-class Oral Communication and Out-of-the-box Creativity

Adam Ballart will introduce Voxopop - a free online tool designed to help students develop their speaking skills - and guide you through setting up an account and starting a talkgroup. He will provide an example of a particular assignment established for an intermediate Spanish course and discuss best practices. Finally, instructors will consider possible ways to use Voxopop for their content area: i.e. collaboration projects, discussion groups, oral presentations, etc.

Sept 24 & 30
Dr. Amanda Latz

Six Free Web Tools

During this session, you'll learn about six free web tools that can enhance your pedagogical practice, increase student engagement, and be a lot of fun! Bring your device, as we'll have time to practice, experiment, and play! A handful of my students will be co-presenting, so you'll get their perspectives on these tools as well. ​

Oct 1
Ms. Crystal Lorch

Using Videos to Increase Student Engagement and Measure Student Preparation

Crystal Lorch will overview the types of videos she has used in various math classes. She will pay special attention to "Finish the Problem" videos she created for her MATH 125 class.​ This type of approach should work in other disciplines.

Oct 7 & 8
Ms. Kendra Zenisek

Using Bb Groups as an Organizational Tool

Bb Groups can be an organizational and communication tool for both students and faculty. This session is aimed specifically at demonstrating how utilizing Bb Groups can be beneficial for faculty in larger multiple meeting time courses, especially those with multiple instructors.

Oct 14 & 15
Mr. Ben Ranfeld & Ms. Sarah Aldridge


Whether you're using Wordpress, Blogger, or even the old Geocities platform, the concept of blogging is rich in educational value. Join us as we discover what makes blogging valuable, ideas for launching a class blog, and ways you can maximize the learning potential of the bloggersphere.

Oct 29 & Nov 11
Ms. Camille Mason

Personal Branding

Identify, create and communicate your personal brand. Today, it is more important than ever to make yourself stand out. Learn ways to tell your personal story and communicate your brand to peers, supervisors, potential employers and business contacts

 Nov 4 & 12
Dr. Susanna Benko

 Beyond Classroom Discussions: Exploring Twitter as a Backchannel to Teaching

This session emphasizes alternative ways to engage students in course discussions. Specifically, we'll explore using Twitter as a backchannel -- an online conversation that takes place concurrently with a live event -- as a way to increase student engagement and interaction during class meetings.


Nov 5
Mr. Jeff Frawley

Using Popplet to Energize Student Idea Development

Popplet is an interactive, visually driven (and free!) web tool that can be used to create "idea maps" and to share information and research with others. During this session we'll look at Popplet basics, along with sample student work and methods for using Popplet to increase student engagement with research, idea generation, and organization.