Faculty Technology Studio

The Faculty Technology Studio acts as a collection of ideas and demonstrations of diverse technologies to meet educational needs.  This series is hosted by iLearn, but presenters are from a variety of departments.  

The Faculty Technology Studio meets weekly on Tuesday and Wednesday in Ball Communication (BC) 220 Training Stadium from 2:00-3:00. Either sign up or stop by when the studio is in session.  First half of the hour will be discussion and the second half will be hands-on time. Bring your own computer or use one that is provided.

Date Presenter Description
Jan 21 & 29
Ms. Sarah Aldridge

What's New in Blackboard

Blackboard has some new features! Stop in to this session to check out what is new.

Jan 22 & 28
Dr. Kristen McCauliff

Using Mediated Assignments in Large Lecture Classes

If you've ever been curious about how to do something "out of the box" in a very "in the box" classroom, this Faculty Technology Studio is for you.

Feb 4 & 12
Ms. Cindy Cash

Teaching with Blackboard Journals

Dear Diary - Benefits of using journals to create a reflective learning environment.

Feb 5 & 11 Ms. Robin Phelps-Ward

Creating Infographics using Online Tools

Infographics aren't just for USA Today anymore. Online sites like, Pikochart, Infogram. . .make data visualization effective for teaching and learning.

Feb 18 & 26 Ms. Sarah Aldridge

Creating Rubrics in Blackboard

Streamline your grading process and make Blackboard do the math for you: create a rubric.

Feb 19
Dr. Lisa Huffman

Top Hat BYOD Solutions

If you can't beat them join them - turn your students' mobile devices into tools for active learning with Top Hat.

Feb 25 & Apr 16 Ms. Sarah Aldridge

Monitoring Student Progress using Blackboard Retention Center

As instructors, we all take interest in student progress, but with so many students, sometimes it is difficult to keep track.

Mar 4
Dr. Michelle Glowacki-Dudka

Using Interactive Tools in an Online Setting

Learn tips about an interactive model for interactive online groups. 

Mar 5 Dr. Guohe Zheng


Evernote is a free powerful tool with the potential to greatly enhance your teaching with text, audio and video information that can be accessed on any platform.

Mar 18 & 19 Ms. Elizabeth Ranfeld

Conferencing with Students using Google Docs

What are the benefits of online conferences with students? Discuss ways to use Google Docs to meet online with students as well as how to integrate online conferences into your assignment planning.

Mar 25 Mr. Greg Batic & Ms. Linda Putman

Using Video for Learning

Stop by and learn about two powerful multimedia tools - Video Everywhere and NBC Learn that are easy to learn and use.

Apr 2
Ms. Sarah Aldridge

Free Sites and Apps

Free tools are available, but it takes a little poking around to find them: in this case, we have done the searching for you.

Apr 8
Ms. Sarah Aldridge

Teaching with Twitter

Promote student communication, engagement, and discovery both in the classroom and beyond.

Apr 9 & 15
Mr. Dan Jones

The Achievements Tool for Certificates and Badges

This session will present an overview of using the new achievement tool in Blackboard to incorporate Digital Badges as a method to support competency-based learning and promote student engagement.

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