What Is Integrated Learning and Instructional Design?

Integrated Learning
Integrated learning refers to instructional strategies that employ web-based technologies in online or blended course to create rich and active learner-focused environments. A blended course is one that combines online and face-to-face instruction.

At Ball State, we are using integrated learning to describe what faculty members have told us―that they expect the same innovative, creative, and effective approaches to teaching in an online environment that our students experience in our face-to-face classrooms. Integrated learning is your “A” game in a digital environment.

Instructional Design
Instructional design is "the systematic and reflective process of translating principles of learning and instruction into plans for instructional materials, activities, information resources, and evaluation" (Smith and Ragan, Instructional Design, 2005).

iLearn employs an instructional design team to help translate the content of your on-campus course into a dynamic online course. Instructional designers provide guidance in the development of teaching and learning strategies and specialized applications using instructional technologies. Their teaching and technology skills are wide-ranging, and they welcome opportunities to work with you to help solve various academic challenges in the online and blended learning environment.