Previous exhibits included:

February 2014 to March 2014

The Department of Landscape Architecture has provided a selection of comprehensive design studio final summative poster displays. The posters are large capstone projects which consist of drawings and computer graphics. The posters are mounted on foam core boards and are in a hanging display on Maryland Street. Some of the projects have been entered into national and state design competitions and some have even received awards. These displays range from 2010-2013 and encompass a variety of different project types.

The Department of Telecommunications has used our digital resources to display its projects. A collection of documentary videos have been provided by the TCOM department and are on display at the Meridian Street entrance. This documentary collection includes the immersive learning project about historic Muncie, a series about revitalizing downtown Muncie, and a series of collaborative videos with the Indiana Office of Tourism Development. 

November 2013 to January 2014

The Interior Design program provided visually compelling poster displays. These projects not only encompassed a variety of organizations, but also a plethera of textures, colors, formats, and layouts. Some of the student projects were even entered and received awards for the IIDA Student Competition in 2012.

The Kurt Vonnegut Memorial Library traveling exhibit was created as part of a six month long immersive learning project in 2012. Students majoring in English literature, creative writing, business marketing and administration, and journalism graphics participated in this program. The Kurt Vonnegut exhibit just recently traveled from Indianapolis to Dresden, Germany where it was covered in the German version of the New York Times.