The Department of Telecommunications has used the digital realm of the Indianapolis Center's resources. We are currently displaying a collection of documentaries that total 3 full hours of play time. The collection includes Stories and Legends: Historic Preservation in Muncie, Indiana, a documentary created by 42 students as an immersive learning project which began in 2011. This documentary was selected as part of the prestigious Heartland Film Festival in October 2012.

The project wasn't finished though. 30 Ball State students have continue the project in recent semesters and are working with preservationists from Muncie at the Midwest Restoration Festival. They are producing four short-form documentaries about Muncie's historic districts, which make up a majority of the documentary collection displayed at the Indianapolis Center.

Another digital component of the TCOM documentary collection is a series of short videos made in collaboration with the Indiana Department of Tourism. These videos promote Indiana as a tourism destination and provide highlights for both popular and hidden attractions across the state. 

The TCOM exhibit would not be complete without the Indiana courthouse squares project. This 27-by-40-inch poster displays 92 photographs of historic county courthouse squares across the state. This collection of images taken by Chris Flook (telecommunications instructor), serves to raise awareness for the historical significance of Indiana's courthouse squares and possibly lead to economic development. Learn more.