Peace Center house on McKinley

 The Peace Center house on McKinley

Since 1988, the Center for Peace and Conflict Studies has had a presence on the Ball State campus. It was evident during that time that the student body and campus community needed a place to be educated on international issues while raising awareness on diversity.

Over the years, we’ve added a minor and offer services on meditation and mediation. We also have a created a great way to engage the community through the Muncie Interfaith Fellowship. The fellowship fosters interfaith dialogue between members.

Learn more about our history and keep up to date with us by reading our newsletter.

Peace Center Directors

Phyllis Zimmerman 1988 to 2002

George Wolfe 2002 to 2006

Roger Hollands 2006 to 2007 (Interim Director)

Lawrence Gerstein 2006 to present