Athletics Kenya has determined that there will be 12 categories of races from 12km, 10km, 8km etc. and fun runs of a shorter distance for the majority of contestants. There will be nine teams anchored in the nine villages. They will be named after the constituent parts or ingredients of long-term peace-building, namely love, joy, bliss, unity, harmony, hope, happiness, care, and trust. These teams will have at their core a full representation of village members, young and old, boys and girls, men and women, seniors, mothers and babies, people with disabilities, etc. To this foundation will be added Moi University students of multiple tribes, religious faiths and cultures, and international representatives. Each team will be anchored by a champion runner from Eldoret, Kenya.

Pictured are Olympic champion Kip Keino with Ball State University faculty member Dr. Sotiris Hji Avgoustis.