Last spring, Professor Donald Mitchell of Purdue University, who helped with the development of the “Sports for Peace and Understanding in Jordan” grant that Dr. Lindsey Blom and Dr. Gerstein received, contacted Dr. Blom to discuss the possible integration of the mission and initiatives of Purdue University’s Indiana Center for Cultural Exchange (ICCE) with the BSU Center for International Development (CID) and our Center. Dr. Mitchell informed Dr. Blom that ICCE was in the process of closing and that he hoped BSU could incorporate its work.

After much discussion, it was concluded that all three Centers had a similar agenda. As a result, the mission and initiatives of ICCE have now been integrated with the work of our Center and the CID. We are also very pleased to report that Dr. Mitchell has joined the Advisory Board of our Peace Center. We owe him a great deal of gratitude for offering us the opportunity to continue the long-standing excellent work of ICCE!

The new mission of our Peace Center follows:

The Center for Peace and Conflict Studies is an interdisciplinary, university-based unit that pursues research on structural and direct forms of violence and conflict; implements nonviolent strategies to resolve conflict; offers mediation services to individuals, groups, and organizations; and trains people in conflict resolution, mediation, peace-building, leadership, meditation, and sportspersonship skills. It also pursues public diplomacy, sports diplomacy, and cultural exchange as part of local, regional, national, and international projects designed to promote mutual understanding, appreciation, cooperation, and respect.