Center for International Development

Current Grant Projects

This is a list of grant projects in which the Center for International Development is currently involved.  Each current grant project page contains detailed partnership information and photos from site visits (if available).  If you are interested in additional information on a particular grant, or if you are interested in grant opportunities, please contact us at

Afghanistan and Pakistan Grant Presentation

Pan-Africa Youth Leadership Program Grant - Ball State University

Sport for Social Change - Tajikistan

NIMA Grant -  Kabul, Afghanistan

Iraqi Young Leaders Exchange Program - Ball State University

Pakistani Universities

Quaid-I-Azam University - Islamabad, Pakistan

Isra University - Hyderabad, Pakistan

Iraq University Linkage Program Grant - Tikrit, Iraq

Iraq Education Initiative Grant - Baghdad, Iraq

Kandahar University Grant - Kandahar, Afghanistan

Libya Project - Tripoli, Libya

Malaysia Career Center and Journalism Workshop - Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Shaikh Zayed University Grant - Khost, Afghanistan

Soccer for Peace and Understanding - Jordan