Iraqi Young Leaders Exchange Program

Iraqi Young Leaders Exchange Program

On behalf of Ball State University's Center for International Development and Center for Peace and Conflict Studies, we warmly welcome you to Indiana to participate in the Iraqi Young Leaders Exchange Program - Social Entrepreneurship and Community Development. We are honored and excited to host your visit on our beautiful campus this summer. 

Ball State University is one of four universities selected to host the Iraqi Young Leaders Exchange Program for undergraduate students, a program sponsored by the United States Government that provides six-weeks of leadership training and classroom instruction to 25 talented and dedicated students from Iraq. From June 29 - July 31, 2014, Ball State University will host 25 Iraqi undergraduate students and will consist of classroom instruction, field trips, site visits, community service, leadership training, conflict resolution training, and cultural exchanges.

The Center for International Development and Center for Peace and Conflict Studies have organized a vibrant program on Social Entrepreneurship and Community Development for you. This dynamic institute is led by expert professors and community leaders who will provide you with leadership training and interactive classroom instructions. The program will provide exciting opportunities to participate in field trips, visit local businesses, and engage in community service projects. You will also receive conflict resolution training and spend a seeking with an American family. This will provide a greater understanding of the major principles defining America including: individual rights, democracy, freedom of expression, religious toleration, equally of opportunity, and diversity. 

Prepare to have many opportunities to interact with Indiana citizens ("Hoosiers") who are known for their friendliness and hospitality. Our IYLEP team will also take you on an education and cultural tour to the great city of Chicago. The program at Ball State will conclude with your participation in a "social plan competition" before a panel of Ball State professors, community leaders, and successful entrepreneurs.

Please, watch our introduction video